Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I really AM trying to sell them

Imagine my surprise this morning, finding this ad on "The Best of Craig's List."

I am really just trying to sell these birds. I believe in truth in advertising.

So far, several nibbles, but there are still seven guineas in Guinea Alcatraz. I'd like to get that stall ready for floor-brooding of meat birds in the spring.


  1. Great ad! BTW, I don't know from personal experience but I was told that guineas taste great in stews.

  2. Zip and Audie say take'll be glad the critters if you'll just kill, puck and ship them.

  3. Ha ha ha terrific ad!

    My friend had some guinea fowl, they slept in the trees at night. I think they wandered off eventually.

    His neighbour phoned once and asked "What are those tea cosies that are walking all over your property?"

    Good luck.

  4. You're right Heather -- for you, this is pretty tame stuff. I can only imagine if you'd been trying to get into Best of Craig's List.

    Cavet: Actually, we have one fewer guinea than we did originally. One intrepid adventurer had a habit of making himself scarce at beddy-bye time (this was before Moe took up the herding duty): One morning, he didn't show up. So a fox or raccoon probably got a nice meal out of it, which is more than we have!

    Ken Chiacchia

  5. Hah! I was bored a couple nights ago and checked in on the Best of Craigslist. I read this ad and instantly thought of you. I remember reading your description of these birds some time back, but thought that was just too unlikely that the ad would be yours. The internet really is a small place.

  6. Things are much quieter in my chicken coop since the guinea cocks relocated to the freezer While noisy, the guinea hens don't seem to rise to the same level of aggressiveness towards the other fowl. (BTW, guinea tastes much like chicken when fixed in the crock pot.) Jan


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