Friday, October 31, 2008

So Long To Sprawlburbia

Wait a minute -- didn't we already do that?

Isn't that, like, the whole point?

Sort of. Despite the best efforts of the home warranty contractor and the buyers' lender today, we closed on the Cranberry ranch house where we lived for 12 years today. We finally have nothing at all in common with John & Cindy -- we are the owners of one house, and the payers of one mortgage.

And I am no longer obliged to drive into the hateful wasteland of metastasizing asphalt to maintain a vacant house and perform pagan marketing dances around the real estate sign in the lawn.

The punch line? It was a colossally unwise decision about a dog that finally sold this house -- and its big fenced backyard.

The young couple were living in a rented townhouse. The young lady is pregnant. So, naturally, they bought a Siberian husky puppy -- must've been right around the time they discovered the pregnancy -- then found that the condo association had a 25 pound weight limit for dogs.

The pup will be ten months old when the baby comes.

Good luck with that.

And bury some wire along the fenceline.


  1. At least the couple is putting forth effort to keep the pup. We have someone new post on my Siberian husky forum each week wanting to unload their 10-18 month old Siberian pup because "they are wonderful pets that deserve more than we can offer them". Various sob stories but most often new baby or new apartment doesn't allow dogs. If I were them, I would be reinforcing that yard and scheduling regular obedience training and exercise time to prepare for the baby (yeah, locking the pup in the back yard daily doesn't count).

  2. Ah yes, thus far. But at ten months when the baby comes, I have my doubts.

    I offered brief advice after doing the math.

    But if I've learned one thing the hard way as a dog trainer, it's that advice that is free is too often treated as worthless.

    I'm sure you'll agree that both the timing and the choice of breed were highly realistic.

    I think I'll write a bit about puppies and pregnancy later on.


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