Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Great Red Spot

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Spoke to my friend Jan yesterday. She's the owner of Son-of-Pip, Brother-of-Rosie, Tuck.

Jan lives in Socorro New Mexico. Soccoro is 980 driving miles from Galveston, TX.

It is 1744 miles from Harmony, Pennsylvania.

While Ike scraps were blowing the shingles off our barn, uprooting trees, and taking out the fence at our former home in nearby Cranberry, Jan's road was being washed out by Ike rainfall.

Same storm.


Folks, we broke the planet. And it is out of warranty. We're going to have to fix it with duct tape and bailing twine ourselves. And most important -- we have to stop making it worse.

How much more dramatically can the Earth spell it out for us?

As you are sweeping out your yard, chainsawing the tree off your garage, pumping out your basement, and counting yourself lucky that this is all you have to do, ask yourself: Do I want more of the same binge-orgy attitude that created this?

More Big Oil. More agribusiness. More scientific pig-ignorance (w/lipstick). More millenialist lunacy -- "What do I care about this nasty ol' material world, Jesus gonna rapture me any day now, I got mine, beyotch!" More trashing of the world, its creatures, and its people as if it was all a weekend rental car.

Do we want to be remembered as the generation that sobered up, saw the problem, and began the solution?

Because the alternative is that there will be no one around to remember anything.

McSame, or Yes We Can?


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  3. Fixed. Didna show up on my 'puter/browser, but did on the BC3 computer and exploder.


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